Wednesday, January 22, 2014

They got some cool stuff on that PSN store.

I was very skeptical of Olli Olli.  Shahid Ahmad's tastes don't often steer me wrong, but it didn't look like something I'd enjoy - and twelve bucks for a little retro-styled game didn't exactly blow my skirt up.  But no - it's good.  It's Hotline Miami on a skateboard, in that it's really hard but instantaneous retries lessen the sting and ensure you keep chasing that perfect run over and over.

Elsewhere, Toukiden got - what I'm told is - a sizable demo (in which your progress can be carried over to the main game).  I may need to put more time into that, 'cause I'm not really feelin' it yet.  I went through what can generously be described as the tutorial battle and felt very nonplussed.  Fighting giant things is fine, but fighting giant things with no health bar and no indication if you're actually hurting it is something else entirely.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is up free for PS+ on PS3, which will absolutely demand attention as it ended up on a lot of GotY lists last year - even Chamberlain was raving about it, which is terribly rare event.

There's a PSP Worms game up free for Vita - which I'd be more interested in if it were a Vita Worms game - but I loved those titles as a kid, so it might be worth a peek.

Finally, Final Fantasy XIII : Lightning Returns has a demo available on the PSN (which unlocks gear sets for the main game in February).  I am definitely playing that, as soon as I find the time.

A lot of little things, but a lot of little things that demand attention on PSN this week!

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