Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Dragon's Crown patch!

I hope you people appreciate what I put myself through for you, 'cause I just logged in to Facebook to get the details on the latest Dragon's Crown patch, and I don't have a Facebook account.  I feel sticky and dirty - but here's the deets!
"Hey everyone, we made some minor fixes to Dragon’s Crown, and that patch should be live today! Here’s what we addressed:

• The conditions for changing the element of the Elemental Lore ability have been fixed.
• Certain abnormal effects caused by equipment have been corrected.
• Situations in which online players on a higher floor in some dungeons are being matched to players on a lower floor have been corrected.
• The camera behavior has been modified to provide better views.
• Other adjustments and minor improvements to various gameplay elements have been made.

Thanks for all your feedback!"
Speaking of appreciation - it's awesome how long Atlus and Vanillaware have gone on patching and tweaking my personal Game of the Year for 2013.  I wonder if they finally got rid of normal hits reducing the Amazon's 'zerk level.  ...doubt it.  Must... resist... the urge to find out..!  Must... keep playing... Dustforce!

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