Friday, February 7, 2014

Velocity 2X looks amazaaang.

Except now that I've used an Archer reference I wanna' talk about Archer.  The new season is still great in all the ways we love the show, but I kinda' feel like Sterling's daydream at the end of episode 1, which teases all the insane shenanigans the crew gets up to in the first half of season 5 (and seriously hyped me for it), has had a downside.

Now, every time I watch an episode which doesn't contain Cheryl in a wedding dress, firing a rocket propelled grenade off the back of an old-timey roadster that Pam is driving, it's kinda' disappointing.

Anywho, here's a picture of Pam riding her dolphin, a bear claw in one hand and a bottle in the other.  Kayla, we all know this is your next tattoo.

And here's Cheryl getting choked by Kreiger's robot arm while getting high in the paws of Babu, her spray-crazy ocelot off what I can only imagine is glue and, of course, LSD gummie bears.   Both of these delightful works of art are courtesy of the terribly talented Megan Lara, who's also done some lovely things with Dr. Horrible.

Ooh, and here's one she's done for Hannibal...

Here's Alien...

Ohmigiosh she's even got ones for The Dark Tower (God that ending was terrible).

Oh, anyway, Archer - right.  Here's a cool little behind-the-scenes thing with Amber Nash, who plays Pam (and is therefor awesome)!

Annnd okay... Velocity 2X.  Let's try this again.


  1. I refuse to get Pam tattooed anywhere...but I do love the Hannibal one.

  2. Pam is AMAAAAAAAAZING. Seriously tho, she's probably the coolest character next to the creepy yet awesome Kreiger.