Monday, March 10, 2014

Dark Souls II launch trailer. Also Costume Quest. And Titanfall. And Luftrausers.

Not... the best Dark Souls trailer.  By a long shot.  Also, Costume Quest 2 was announced today, coming to PC and consoles.  Also, all the reviews for Titanfall went up today, and there's not one numbered review that scores it under an eight.  Interestingly enough, due to a review event being held behind closed doors in a closely-controlled environment under Electronic Arts' supervision, many of the bigger names in games journalism -  Eurogamer, PC Gamer, Giant Bomb, IGN and Edge - only offer "reviews in progress," refusing to give the game a numbered score until they're able to play it on live servers.

A deliciously honest precedent.  The only negativeish review comes from The Globe And Mail, which nobody reads for game reviews anyway.

Oh, also, Luftrausers, the little indie which was supposed to come out like, last July, will release on March 18th across all platforms. Finally.

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