Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Game-diary-movie-Savant Ascent looks cool.

I have Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for my PS4 - it's installed and everything - but it's the gentle theme song for Dark Souls II's Majula that's calling me - so I'll try to make this quick.

First of all, Maleficent looks totally cool and I wanna' see it.

Second, The Incredibles is officially getting a sequel, and that's awesome.

Third, Luftrausers finally drops today, so I'll have to snag that on Vita (even though I haven't finished the latest Muramasa DLC). ...if it's a reasonable price.  I don't think I could convince myself to pay $15 for it.

Fourth, there's a cool new dev diary for inFamous: Second Son about the sound tech, but it ends up being a commercial for the new PS4 headphones.

Fifth, something called Savant Ascent is coming to PS4, it looks kinda' cool but I refuse to trust it until I see a gameplay trailer.  It has some lovely .gifs, though.

Oh wait, here's an old trailer from when it was on Steam Greenlight...

...why is this on PS4 and not Vita again?

Okay, it's Dark Souls time - g'night!

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