Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Blanche - No Matter Where You Go.

I fell hard for Blanche's first album, If We Can't Trust the Doctors, and I know for a fact I looked for other stuff from them since - but I guess I haven't looked in a while, 'cause last night I finally discovered Little Amber Bottles, their disc from '07.  So... y'know... seven years ago.  Anyway, it's new to me!  And probably you.


There's lots of other good stuff on this album too.  I highly encourage you to check out The World I Used to Be Afraid Of and... y'know what?  Check out the whole album, it's awesome.

I feel that I should embed something from their first album.  I'm goin' with... Jack on Fire.

And when you fall in love with me  
We can dig a hole by the willow tree 
Then I will fuck you until you die 
Bury you and kiss this ol' town goodbye


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