Friday, April 11, 2014


Er, Guacamelee!

I've been working too hard lately, so I decided to start actually using my lunches to leave the office and not work - spending some quality time with my Vita - and instead of continuing on with Fez (pleasant, but a bit too... smooth) or the latest Muramasa DLC, I started up a new game on Guacamelee.

Friends, if you haven't bought Guacamelee yet, you need to get Guacamelee.  It placed so very high on my best of 2013 list (top 5) for a lot of seriously good reasons.  It's beautiful, beautifully-designed, fun, funny, has wonderful music and plays like a dream.  Get Guacamelee.

And now I'm home, so I'm gonna' go keep playing Mercenary Kings, because for some reason I'd rather run missions on that than replay Ground Zeroes, keep playing Thief or try out Lords of Shadow 2.

Oh, also, Sony uploaded a direct-feed version of their The Last of Us: Remastered teaser here, but that's down, so let us all thank goodness that Endless is an angel, and gave us a mirror that works.  Looks incredible.


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