Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Vita is where I needed to find Dead Nation.

I've played every Dead Nation SKU.  I put a few hours into the original when it launched on PS3 - it was good, but not good enough to keep me from other stuff on the system.  I taste-tested the PS4 version when it launched last month, but again - I had stuff like Dark Souls II and inFamous to play, so I didn't spend much time with it.

I snapped up Dead Nation's Vita version when it dropped yesterday (it's cross-buy, so it was free, as I'd long-ago purchased the PS3 version), and tested it out last night.  Again - it's good - but I had Thief to play, so I played some Thief.

I'm beginning to agree with Chamberlain on Thief.  It's kinda' boring.  Made me wish I was playin' Dead Nation.

Then, today, I took my Vita to work.  As I waited for my shift to start in the morning, I started shootin' some zombies, and I found myself so absorbed I almost didn't get outside for a smoke before 8:00.  Again, over lunch, the game got its hooks into me.  It just... doesn't let up.  It gives you player-controlled moments to catch your breath - little checkpoints where you're totally safe and can upgrade your gear and refill your health before moving on - but I found it hard to stop myself from moving on and mowing down more legions of undead.

The game just clips, and - as of the end of my lunch break today, oddly enough - I've gotten further in Dead Nation on Vita than I have on its PS3 or PS4 versions.  The game never really clicked for me, until I played it on the handheld.
I know some folks hate on ports - and yes, the lion's share of the most-remarkable games on Vita can't be considered as such - Guacamelee, Dragon's Crown, Tearaway.

But c'mon - it's also a handheld that can play every Final Fantasy game between I and X-2.  That's awesome.  It's got Muramasa, Persona 4 and Metal Gear Solid 2 on it.

That's awesome - and I, for one, cannot wait until the Sly and God of War collections drop for it in May.

That's gonna' be awesome.

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