Saturday, May 31, 2014

Awesome ladies.

The Amazon still hasn't shown up on Amazon.  I decided to go through some third parties, and found two collectible stores in town.  One of them, in the north end of the city (who had this awesome face-changing Finn for $30 which I totally stopped myself from buying - very proud) , said they'd never heard of the figure and probably wouldn't be able to get it - but they wrote down my request and said they'd call, either way.

Then, Kayla and I drove all the way across the city to another shop that opened up later in the day.  I walked through the door, pointed at the gentleman behind the counter and said "didn't you used to have a different location?"  It was the guy who ran the store in my Nerdgasm post.  That store disappeared not long after Kayla and I discovered it, and I'd lamented its absence ever since.

Finally, I had found my Mecca again.

He and I chatted for a bit, and I went over the catalogue he has of stuff to order.  The catalog contained the Sorceress, but I explained the line of products and the precise one I was looking for - my beloved Amazon - and he explained that often certain items will never make it to the North American distributors because of a lack of initial orders, and that may have been the fate of my warrior princess.

Le sigh.  So I poked around his store - he has this gorgeous MGS1 Snake figure out of the case, on a shelf behind the front desk - "how much is that Snake?"

"He's mine, he's not for sale - but I've got another in the box right over here for $200."

I balked at the price but... he's sooo gorgeous... 

...and $200 is actually $200 cheaper than's price and now I want to go back in a week and buy it. I also found this lovely Lara Croft Arts Kai Figure from last year's spectacular Tomb Raider...

The detail work on her's amazing - excellent textures, great face, perfect color...but she was like $70.00, and I didn't like how unsightly her joint work is.  I kept on poking around and found this one for $35...

...which is a good reproduction of some of New Lara's key art.  The details aren't as sharp as the Kai figure, but the pose is accurate, the price was right and I adore the new Tomb Raider.  So now she's on my games safe, towering over Kratos.

But still, I was disappointed.  Was I destined to never have my Amazon?

Kayla and I came home, felt a rush of appreciation for air conditioning (a month ago we still had ice on the ground, now it's almost 90°F and incredibly humid), and she stretched out with her Vita to play some Dragon's Crown (it's all she's played on it, so far) while I renewed the search for my Amazon online.

Listings for it had disappeared.  Play Asia was sold out - everywhere was sold out of the preorder!  But an eBay seller had one... for a good price... and had over 2000 100% positive customer reviews... and Kayla has an eBay and PayPal account...

"Bebeh?" I cooed.

"Yes, Bebeh?"

"I know what I want for my birthday."

Key art.

And now, finally, after months of searching and waiting, my Amazon has been ordered.

The MegaHouse Dragon's Crown Amazon Excellent Model PVC figure.

So I'm sure you'll agree that the awesomest lady of all is the one currently lounging across my bed with a Vita in her hands - and that she is more than due a summer shower of thank-you kisses.  Excuse me. 


  1. Geez. Each time you couldn't find that Amazon, I got more and more stressed out for you just thinking about. I'm glad that hunt is finally over.
    In my experience, there's a particular kind of frustration that arises when not being able to find a figure/toy. It's a kind of feeling of mixed disappointment that isn't quite like anything else.

    1. Me: "There's this thing. I want the thing. I know the thing exists - I've seen it, it's out there - but no one will sell me the thing! Arg!"

      Buddha: "Desire is the cause of all suffering."

      Me: "Shut up, Buddha."

      Buddha: "You got some real first-world problems, Son."

  2. I hate being the one who has to tell you this, but Anime-Island still has her up for preorder.

  3. Wait, shit, ignore that, I misread the page. :/

    1. It's okay, I'm actually a bit impressed that you used manual HTML code to link it in the comment - that's pro-style, Son!