Thursday, May 15, 2014

Game Diary - I can't quit you, Vita.

In no-surprise-whatsoever news, the God of War Collection on Vita is entirely satisfying.  It plays identically to the original versions, but is better-looking.  Score, all 'round - particularly when you're dealing with a pair of games I have terribly fond memories of (and remain eminently pleasurable).

Excellent.  No one's startled by this news, I'm sure.  Well, try this on for size:

Borderlands 2 on Vita works fine.  It's no Killzone: Mercenary, but let's be fair, neither was Borderlands 2 on PS3.  These games have never felt particularly satisfying as shooters, alone, but the joy of exploring a wild, open world and opening up an infinite number of cabinets to loot their contents as your arsenal, skills and power slowly build towards epic..?

Well that's fun, man.  Going around looting stuff is one of the central pleasures of any action game with RPG in its DNA, and Borderlands 2 on Vita retains all of its console counterparts' strengths.

The shooting is weak compared to KZ:M, but it's not weak compared to Borderlands.  Borderlands shooting is weak to begin with, so nothing's been lost.  It's simply moved from your TV into your hands.

That's frickin' amazing - and far better than I expected.
"But chance, doesn't using the rear touchpad as a button screw you up, like you thought it would in your Games of May post?"
-hypothetical person who read my Games of May post-

Actually, no.  The only time I got in trouble with the controls was when my finger slipped off the analog stick, hit the touchscreen and I threw a grenade into the wall I was facing and died.  The only thing I've done with the controls is move crouch from the circle button to the touchscreen, and my special ability from the touchscreen to circle.  Otherwise... yeah, man, Borderlands 2 on Vita works.

Which is wonderful.  So color me surprised.

Oh, and speaking of wonderful things on Vita,


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