Sunday, May 25, 2014

I love Mandatory Update.

When Penny Arcade TV was a thing, I almost-exclusively used it to watch CheckPoint, which is sort of like The Daily Show for video games - it's a news-comedy show, focusing on our favored pastime.  Penny Arcade TV shut down at the end of 2013, and now CheckPoint lives on via LoadingReadyRun's YouTube channel with deeply reduced production values.  I feel kinda' bad for the CheckPoint folks - they can't afford to edit the show any more, so every stutter and mis-pronounced word stays in - which ensures a lot of the jokes (which they were never the best at delivering anyway) don't quite hit their comedic timing.

It's... kinda' awkward.  But lo!  GameTrailers have stepped up to the Video Game Comedy News plate, and it's headlined by Elyse Willems, who - in my eyes - became a star when she appeared with Kyle Bosman (whose beautifully, wholesomely honest show The Final Bosman is a great time as well) in this Not Funny, GT sketch.

Y'know what?  No, I just re-watched it.  I can't merely link to this, I have to embed it.  This shit is hilarious:

"It's gon' be guud!"

So Elyse hooked up with a fellow named Ian Hinck, who I'm convinced is just trolling us with his increasingly stupid hair - and between the two of them they provide a show with enough 90s references and pleasant honesty to give me at least two hard belly-laughs a week - which is more than I've been able to say for Colbert in a long time (but I still love you, Stephen).

Yes, Elyse, it is gon' be guud, and yesterday's news that I'd be getting an episode of Mandatory Update from E3 is some of the best gaming-related news in the past week.  So, if you're unfamiliar with the show,

"Ubisoft has released a promotional video for Watch Dogs that shows them pranking people into believing Watch Dogs won't suck."

Ahhh.  Thank you, Ian.  Mandatory Update goes up every Saturday.

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  1. Ok. that character design guy got me, but, good. Funny sh*t.