Monday, May 5, 2014

I need your help - if you're willing.

Dear reader, I would ask a favor of you.  About thirty seconds of your time, if you're willing - beyond the time it takes to read this post, I mean.  

For the short version, click here. 

Whenever I play a game I don't quite love (Olli Olli) or begin to loathe (Starlight Inception) on my Vita, Dragon's Crown is always there.  It's like a safety net - or one of those big airbags stunt people land on when they jump off buildings - a reliable cushion of pleasure I can be assured will, always, be there for me.

And, if you kept up on the obscene amount of Dragon's Crown stuff I posted last year, you know the Amazon is my class of choice.  Love that Amazon, the fleet-footed, explosive, expressive  "seething mass of muscle and iron will, with a seven-foot axe at the business end."


And, if you keep up with this blog, you'll know that some absolutely gorgeous figures have been announced for the game's three ladies, from a designer called Megahouse.  So I kept my eye on, kept patient, and waited ('s where I got my awesome Momohime from last year).

A few months ago, the Elf became available for preorder (she's due to be released at the end of May, the Amazon at the end of June, and the Sorceress some time in December - but who cares about the Sorceress?)

The Elf is... phenomenal.  A fantastic sculpture that's a direct-interpretation of the character's key art, and a crazy-dynamic figure to boot.  Plus, she's a lot of fun to play as, so fine - pre-ordered.  Looks excellent.

I kept checking like, once a week for the Amazon figure.  She's who I really wanted - she's my favorite - as I find myself looking past her... pandering design, to see only the kinetic powerhouse who gives me so much joy, in the game (key art above, figure below).

She kept on not showing up on it was kinda' getting on my nerves, but I could be patient... and then, last week, this gets listed:

Key art at left, figure at right.  Crazy. 

And it's like come on.  The Sorceress isn't due out for literally seven months!  The Amazon releases in June - what the ef,!  Where is my Amazon?

I'm worried she's never going to be listed, now.

Kayla and I were out at my favorite restaurant last week (this fantastic Italian joint), and I asked her if it bothered her that I wanted to get the Amazon figure - she is, after all, a lady in a chainmail bikini, and I don't want something around that would make Kayla uncomfortable.  She said no, and that she was surprised I didn't want the Sorceress - who she now considers very "cute" after having fallen a bit in love with Dragon's Crown herself.

"The Sorceress?  No, the Amazon's the fun one.  Okay, well, fun factor probably goes Amazon, Sorceress, Elf, but that Elf sculpt is just amazing.   The only reason I'd want the Sorceress is..."

"To have the whole set?" she finishes.

Shit, she's right.

"But having the Sorceress will be pointless if I don't have the Amazon," I pointed out.  "If I don't have the Amazon, I don't want the Sorceress.  I guess... I could put in an order on the Sorceress just to lock her down, and if I can't get the Amazon when she releases in June, I'll cancel the preorder on the Sorceress..."

Kayla nodded, with encouragement. Well, shit. now I have a preorder on that crazy Sorceress statue.  Or do, until I become convinced I'll never have my beloved Amazon.

All I really want is the Amazon figure, though.  So, dear reader, I need your help - if you're willing...

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