Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus! Woo!

Our story begins, however, with boobs.

Kayla called me up and asked if I'd like to accompany her on a shopping trip - she wanted to find a skirt, perhaps some (ugh) capri pants and some new shirts.  I've always been pro-clothes-shopping, I don't know why.  There's this stereotype of the man clutching the purse, tapping his foot amongst a clutch of similarly-abandoned mates, feeling somehow emasculated by being a partner in this chore - in my teen years, three-out-of-four girlfriends told me they decided to start dating me after we went shopping together and I picked them out some lovely, tasteful outfits.

Such is my superpower.  Such is my burden, and my curse, that as Kayla was trying on her skirt and shirt, I poked around the store and returned with two bras, one of which you see supporting the bosoms above.

Plaid's coming back, you know. She bought both of 'em, and as she changed back into her street duds, I went outside for a cigarette - at which point it occurred to me that we were next door to a Chapters.  I wonder..?

Yotsuba&! is read in the Japanese style - that is, from right to left.  There, now you get the comedic timing.
The above is from the second chapter of Volume 2, in which Yotsuba explores revenge.

I've been slowly adding to my Yotsuba&! collection over the years - which is best-described as energetic cuteness, lovingly rendered and condensed to its purest form - and knew I was missing the most recent release, so we checked out the book store.   On my way to find Volume 12, what to my wondering eye should appear, but big, beautiful copies of the Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus, volumes 1-4.

You know what Lone Wolf and Cub is, right?  It's huge, and hugely influential.  Here's its Wikipedia page.

This is manna from Heaven.  I have a few copies of the last Lone Wolf and Cub localization, but they were these stupid-tiny little books - perhaps to account for how gigantic the Lone Wolf and Cub arc is.  Tiny little books where it's easy to lose the effect of the action, and hard to read the tiny text.  The Omnibus books are not tiny.  They're not huge, either - but they're reasonable:

Original release on the left, the Omnibus on the right.
The Omnibus volumes are over 600 pages each - immense, when compared to the original release's 200-page limitations.  They're nicely readable - volumes 1-4 have been released, with 5-7 on the way later this year and in early 2015.  I always wanted the full series, but I hate the tiny volumes that were available, before.

I stood there, gobsmacked, at what I'd found, and explained to Kayla, "I think I need to buy all of these."

"How much are they?"

"Twenty bucks each."

"Can you afford that?"

Well, sure.

Woo!  Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus!  Woo!  Can't wait to dive into these.

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