Saturday, May 3, 2014

Project Beast - the rumor you hope is real.

"he walked around
fought enemies
i can describe a giant mindflayer type enemy
a character placing a shining magic sword into a pedestal at the base of a statue
a huge pyromancy fireball
there was text "This is a nightmare.""
-who knows?-

If you know Dark Souls, you know the lovely Dark Souls II wasn't directed by  Demon's/Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki - that he's been working on something else.  Well, last night, images surfaced on 4chan of something called Project Beast (Dark Souls was called Project Dark prior to its announcement).  There's no word that this is what Miyazaki's been working on, but it's said to be a co-operation between SCE Studio Japan and From Software - just like Demon's Souls was.  Here, have some blurry screen caps of a video!

Sure looks like every Souls game I've ever seen.

A fog gate?  This is a Souls game.

From Software have said multiple times that the engine they put together for Dark Souls II will form the building blocks of their next-gen efforts, and word is Project Beast is PS4-exclusive.

Cross you fingers, hold on to your butts and let's pray we get an announcement, come E3 (only 5 weeks to go!)


  1. DS2 was great. I wouldn't have bought it twice if it wasn't, but it was stopped short of that extra mile, you know? It felt like a 5th of it was filler and I wouldn't describe anything in DS as that.

    Good to know Miyazaki isn't being strong armed into a FPS debacle, but that exclusivity stings. I pray to god if it's true, that it's timed. I feel like they'd be leaving money on the table. It's been in the steam top five sale slots for two months already.

    God damn this looks good though. I already want more.

    1. Here, let me sell you on it like this:
      Imagine Dark Souls in 1080p with a more-solid framerate.