Thursday, May 1, 2014

Short game diary.

Let us be brief.  I'm really enjoying Child of Light, perhaps - particularly - because this week, something terribly mellow is just what the doctor ordered.   I like Aurora, I like the setting, I love the music, and the battle system's gotten a lot more interesting since I figured out how to control battles via interrupts.

Oh, I suppose I should mention, I heard the game was too easy, so I started on hard mode.  It's been good, so far. Not too hard, not too easy.  No idea what haters are complaining about.

Chamberlain emailed me today and said he thinks the poetry that makes up the game's dialogue ain't too hot.  He's right.  It's not very good poetry - but it is, at least, a unique way to go.

Oh, also - Ubisoft?  Was it really necessary to put your fucking logo in every screenshot I take with my PS4?  What, did you not make a game that was unique enough for people to tell what it is when they see a screenshot of it?  Do you think someone's going to show off screenshots of Child of Light as their concept art to get funding, or something?

Or did you just want to muck up how pretty your game looks when people hit the share button?  'Cause if so,

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