Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Watch Dogs is 900p on PS4, 792p on One and 30FPS on both.

All you really need to know is in the title - a pleasant conclusion to that sneaky little thing Sony did earlier in the week, when they listed Watch Dogs' PS4 version as 1080p 60FPS on their site, then sheepishly removed it.  I like to think they threw it up there because someone, somewhere assured them it would be full-res full-FPS, and when word got out, an Ubisoft rep picked up the phone and said "uhhh, guys..?"

Oh Sony.  You so funneh.

On the other hand, is it not refreshing for Ubisoft - a major developer and publisher - to go ahead and tell us exactly what kind of resolution and framerate we'll be getting on our respective consoles before a game's launch?  Usually we have to wait for Digital Foundry to do a breakdown - so good on ya, Ubisoft!  Here's hoping, between you and Konami's pre-launch treatment of Ground Zeroes, this begins a trend of transparency among developers and publishers.

Ubisoft, true to their form, released another minor tidal wave of Watch Dogs stuff today, more than I care to read or watch - they really stuff us to bursting with this stuff - but if you're of a mind, here's their gigantic blog post on the subject, and here's the ten minute Watch Dogs 101 trailer they released today.

And for the record, I agree that trading off framerate and resolution can be a choice in the gamer's favor - in certain conditions.  Whether or not Watch Dogs makes it a fair exchange... remains to be seen.

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