Thursday, May 8, 2014

William Elliott Whitmore - One Man's Shame.

The image is a lie - this is from Song of the Blackbird, not Ashes to Dust.   Song of the Blackbird isn't actually the title of any song on the album - it's the opening line of the first track, Dry, which is also pretty damn good - but I digress...

And sad is the lullaby  
From a mother's heart and soul
When she knows her child has strayed from the fold 

And the parish will perish 
By death's cruel hand 
And finish the job that fate began 

And all that static in the attic, 
That's just an old drunk ghost 
His chains are rattlin' but his end is close 

Ain't no hell below 
Ain't no heaven above 
And I came for the drinks 
But I stayed for the love

God, yes.