Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fresh details on Suda 51's Let It Die.

As it turns out, Let It Die is what Grasshopper Entertainment announced last year as Lily Bergamo, if you remember that. Let It Die, Suda told Famitsu, is an "extreme action game" with "asynchronous online gameplay."  How on earth can you have asynchronous gameplay (eg, another player's ghost that you race against in Forza or SSX) in an action game?  Well... you die.

"...the basic gameplay conceit of Let It Die revolves around the idea of granting meaning to death in a video game. As such, the game is structured around the idea of death influencing gameplay, with one example being that if a player’s character dies in the game, their avatar can appear in another person’s game."

"While Let It Die still has some traditional AI enemies, the majority of NPC characters are stated to actually be dead player characters’ avatars. This means that as more and more deaths occur in the game, the more that death itself will play an increasing role in the overall experience. As Suda himself puts it, the title is meant to in part convey the idea that it’s okay to die over and over again, as that’s at the very heart of the game’s identity."

You may have noticed that a lot of the characters in these screenshots are lacking pants.  That's plot.

"All players will begin unarmed, wearing nothing but underwear and a gas mask. More equipment and weapons can be stolen off of defeated enemies, although there are stated to be other ways of accomplishing this as well given the game’s survival elements, which emphasize item procurement within a localized area."

Let It Die will be a free-to-play title, and they're still trying to decide how to monetize it - but they've stated unequivocally that there will not be a be pay-to-win option, and you won't be able to purchase weapons.

Alright.  I'm interested.

Let's watch that trailer again - it makes far more sense with this added context.

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