Monday, June 2, 2014

Game Diary - Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs is boring.  Its Spider Tank side-activity/minigame is the game's major redeeming quality, as it is fun as balls, but the rest of the experience is...

It looks good, I'll give it that.  Especially at night.  It can look great, when a bunch of effects (crashing cars, explosions) are going off, but it feels like the game was designed around allowing the player to occasionally have a really cool-looking moment, and not so much about whether what it asks of you, ninety per cent of the time, is a pleasurable exercise.

I played a single mission that was quite a bit of fun - one called Not The Pizza Guy.  That's it.  The rest have been...

Let me put it this way; playing Watch Dogs, as a general rule, feels an awful lot like work.

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