Thursday, June 12, 2014

MMO Onigiri announced for PS4 in NA.

Onigiri, a Taiwanese-developed free-to-play MMO-Action-RPG with a heavy anime styling, was a PC game that was ported over to the PS4 in time for its launch this past February (within a month, if the devs are to be believed).

It's been known that the game is on its way to North American shores for a while - or at least, that an English localization is being applied to its PS4 version - and today, the PlayStation Blog announced its impending arrival with a word from its developer, and it doesn't sound too bad!
"Onigiri is an exciting and action-packed MMORPG where you can wield the weapon of your choice, free from the restrictions of player classes in order to slay demonic Youkai however you please. Use your unique skills and a wide variety of weapons, switching easily between them all as needed to face the monsters before you. Our love for live steel and non-ballistic weapons shows with our non-targeting combat system and fast-paced battles. Want to create that mob train and strike all of them at once? Be our guest!"

I don't know if the developer didn't bring assets they wanted to use or if SCEA just aren't very proud of the title, but... it's a weird post, man.  The game is coming "this summer," but the blog only offers the tiniest of screenshots to show it off... if they don't want people to actually see the game.

Fortunately, Chance is here.  And I have great news, for those of you who enjoy gainaxing.  The game looks like this:


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