Friday, June 6, 2014

Pre-E3 Week Recap! June 4-6.

Let's talk highlights

Take heart, Mae the cat, for we are merely on the cusp of E3 2014.  Microsoft kept relatively quiet, with only a teaser for Forza Horizon 2 and Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, but this week saw Sony open the floodgates on Vita and PS4 announcements, and for every two tepid titles, you'll find one that will surely raise a few pulses - and Night in the Woods, featuring the depressed kitty above, is definitely one of them.

Meanwhile, Don't Starve: Giant Edition is coming to the Vita this year, which I am thrilled about - perhaps, on Vita, I can finally fall in love with Klei's latest treat.

The lovely SCEJ JRPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines got a new (Japanese) classes trailer, and the bonkers-looking One Way Trip was announced as coming to Vita, and PS4.

Speaking of Vita and PS4, Amazon France leaked a bundle with the two systems.  And speaking of the PS4, there's a cool-looking golf game on its way to the platform - but if you're really up for some next-gen hype, you really should read 51 insane facts about Driveclub, and check out The Witcher III: Wild Hunt's E3 trailer:

Even better, for my money, is the Dying Light E3 trailer - which I'd describe as "gory bliss" - but I adore Techland's previous efforts, so perhaps I'm biased.

The most exciting PS4-exclusive announcement of the week is Loadout, the free-to-play, mad offspring of Team Fortress 2 and Itchy & Scratchy. The words "free to play" usually turn me off as well, but lay your weary and cynical eyes upon this:

One of the week's best trailers is the announcement trailer for the PC version of Dead Rising 3...

...and if the PC is your platform of choice, you may wish to head over to Steam right now, because the next game from  Tom Francis (who made last year's indie standout Gunpoint), is totally free.

There's more, of course - lots more - but above you'll find the coolest news of the week.  If you want the whole picture, click here, and see everything.  But be warned - zapping yourself with so much concentrated information has been known, on occasion, to turn people into Freakazoids.


  1. Hey, don't feel pressured into "loving" don't starve. I know how much you love Klei but It's painfully repetitive and they never patched that out. I spent more time pulling up grass than anything, ANYTHNG, else in that game. Why the flying f**k does my bedroll disintegrate every night klei?! explain that to me!

    Delightful and original art style be damned.

    1. "Because it's a Roguelike" is the answer, I'm afraid - and perhaps you're right - it does get repetitive, but it wasn't the times I had to spend wandering the plains picking grass and chopping trees that had me walking away from Don't Starve. It was when I'd done it successfully for two, four, seven days - survived - and then something I'd never seen and had no idea how to deal with showed up and destroyed my hours-worth of progress in one fell swoop. Why? "Because it's a Roguelike."

      That's the nature of this beast - and the genre is so popular and widespread, I feel I'm missing out - like a JRPG. I want Don't Starve to be my Persona 3 - the game that lets me love a genre.

      But we'll see.