Friday, June 13, 2014

Some stuff you're not supposed to see for Bloodborne.

Bloodborne footage keeps leaking and SCEA keeps pullin' it down!  Those jerks!  Endless, ever a font of gaming deliciousness, has obtained the Project Beast teaser in full from the most recent TGS, and YouTubed it for our benefit (I daren't embed it for fear of raising its profile).  Watch it!

[update] Buuut someone else uploaded a mirror, so I'll use that one!


It relieves one of my fears about the game - that there wouldn't be character customization on par with the Souls games.  All current footage shows the player-character wielding the shotgun and the butcher-scythe weapon, but this footage shows a variety of weapons, at least.  

Now, given that this vid will surely be pulled, I've gathered all the .gifs that currently exist of the gameplay footage - both the 50 seconds that was shown behind-doors at E3, and a few choice moments from the TGS footage.  

Obviously, these are large .gifs, so I'll leave them behind this page break.  Enjoy!

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  1. Neat! Looks more like a Souls game from that footage; I'm glad.