Saturday, June 21, 2014

That's where wizards come from.

The Destiny Alpha was all kinds of awesome - and, honestly, the best way for Bungie to really let folks know what the deal is, with their game (they were doing a terrible job at just explaining it) - but perhaps the most memorable part of the experience was a line offered by your AI-companion "Ghost," voiced by Peter Dinklage.  "That wizard came from the moon."

Now... some folks think it's a terrible line.  I disagree - it paints the Destiny universe in richer colors, reminds us that its scope spans far more than the mere Earth, and raises some succulent sci-fi questions.  It is, then, fitting (heh) that Bungie took it, and spun it into merchandising gold:

I don't wear T-shirts, but I'd totally buy this as a hoodie.  Bungie, hook me up with a hoodie.

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