Thursday, June 5, 2014

There's too much to play on Vita!

I was quite happily slaughtering my way through the God of War Collection on Vita when Borderlands 2 dropped - critics were a bit negative about it, but all the forums I frequent told me it was pretty damned awesome, so I checked it out.

God of War has sat on the backburner ever since, and every day at lunch I've been trundling ever-forward with my Gunzerker, and yeah - it is pretty damned awesome.  I don't care what Digital Foundry wants to tell me about it - yes, it is in terms of raw performance and certainly framerate, the worst iteration of Borderlands 2 you'll find - but I haven't stopped playing it. 

It is a huge, full-featured open-world first-person shooter lootfest RPG in the palm of my hand - and that is spectacular.

Pixeljunk Shooter's now free for Vita with PS+, so I snapped that up - sorry, Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, I should say - and I haven't touched it, because I'm not done with Borderlands 2 yet.

To top it off,

The Sly Trilogy, which includes one of my favorite games of all time (Sly 2) is now also on Vita - in direct opposition to my usual modus operandi, I have not purchased it.

Which is weird, man.  I actually stopped myself and said "it'll be on sale one day."  If I actually beat Borderlands 2 on Vita, that's a thirty or forty-hour investment, I've still got at least another ten hours in God of War II, haven't touched Surge Deluxe, haven't finished Steamworld Dig, haven't finished FEZ and...

Man... there are too many Vita games to play.  I think I may end up doing a "review of a game I haven't finished" with BL2.  Short version: worth buying.  Solid.  It's no Killzone Mercenary, but what is?

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