Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why didn't I hear more about Darkest Dungeon at E3?

I just found out, last night, that the game was at the show, but nobody said a word about it!  Let's dig around and see what we can find.

Developer Red Hook put up a bit of gameplay back in March... not, perhaps, the best example of the systems that make the game unique.

Towards the end of the video, the plague doctor becomes afflicted with the temptation of an Afflicting Goblet attack, and becomes "Abusive" towards his fellow party members - this is the hook of Darkest Dungeon, that your party will demonstrate all variety of personality quirks and emotional scarring as a result of their descent into those shadowy halls - and we aren't really shown any of the outcome or impact.  For shame.

Let's see what else we got...

Hm.  The only E3 coverage I can find -  beyond a single mention in Game Informer's indie roundup - is this nice gameplay footage from GameSpot.  Rejoice and take heart - brand-new footage that shows quite a bit!

Man, I'd kill to play this on Vita.  I gotta' bug Gio Corsi and Shahid Ahmad again... annnd done.

Ooh and here's a cool blog that recounts the harrowing adventures a stalwart adventurer has survived, down in those eldrich crypts.

Sigh.  Darkest Dungeon... I've decided something, just now.  I'd prefer to play you on my Vita, it's true - your colors would pop, your art would be sharp and I could take you with me anywhere I go - but if that is never to be... I'll buy you on PC, if I have to.


  1. Chance - I had the opportunity to play Darkest Dungeon at PAX East, having heard about it around the web (and presumably on your blog as well), and I have to tell you that I absolutely fell in love with it. The art, as you've seen, is just stunning and so clean - they made note of the fact that every single asset in the entire game was hand-drawn (other than the little torch at the top of the screen, which they said they were about to replace with a hand-drawn variant), and it had just the right balance of roguelike-like challenge, traditional RPG mechanics like inventory management and leveling up, and wholly unique gameplay elements - but you know that.

    I was able to run a short dungeon - maybe five or so battles? - that they had tuned to beat the hell out of people so that they could keep the line moving (they only had two PCs set up). I made great progress with my entire party but it hit the fan quickly in the second-to-last battle, and by the time I made it to the last boss and his skeleton minions, I was low on health and out of options. Still, through some insanely lucky dodges and crits on the part of my beefy tank and through many improbable misses on the part of the enemies, my last-man-standing warrior survived to the very end and delivered a critical hit killing blow to come out alive.

    It was one of the best experiences I had at PAX. I went back to my hotel room that evening and preordered via Kickstarter.

    I see what you mean about wanting to play it on Vita, and I do think it'd work well there, but it also feels so much like an old-school PC game that I might prefer the mouse. But hey, I'm always hungry for Vita RPGs, so I'd love that.

    1. Aaaugh now I want it even more. Interesting side-note - the game's designer, Tyler Sigman, favorited that tweet of mine - so maybe there's hope!