Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ken Levine will never get to make a game we all want.

Remember when Ken Levine went onstage at the Sony E3 press conference like three years ago and announced Irrational would make a BioShock game for Vita?  And how, last we heard, Sony and 2K were still in talks over it?  Well, that's done now.  Levine chatted about the doomed project on Twitter today, describing a game everyone would love, if it had been made.

A fucking BioShock Tactics game.  Oh my God everyone would have flipped out over that. And it will never happen.

And that, dear friends, is today's gamer nut-punch.  Stings, don't it?


  1. I fuggin' love that 8-bit bioshock 2 you got there...