Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yay! Thanks, Sony!

Finally, finally there's a release date for CounterSpy!  I am so hyped for that!

So, here's the deal - all four games are cross-buy across PS4, PS3 and Vita, which means if you want the cheapest price for CounterSpy (which I do), you can preorder it on PS3 or PS4, pay 20% less than its launch price, and you'll have it on your Vita for no additional charge.  Deal, says I.

Rogue Legacy is $16.99 or $13.59 with PS+ preorder,

The Swapper is $19.99 or $15.99 when preordered,

Hohokum is $14.99 or $11.99 preordered (seriously?), and

CounterSpy is $14.99 or $11.99 preordered - and that's the biggest news here, as far as I'm concerned.  CounterSpy launches on August 19th.  Huzzah!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go digitally preorder Rogue Legacy and CounterSpy... though I'll admit I've heard nothing but great things about The Swapper...


  1. The Swapper. Is. Amazing.

    I played it a month ago and loved every single minute of it. Can't recommend it enough.

    1. Damnit >.< Now I need to figure out if I can afford them all and the R&C collection... and Phantom Breaker...

  2. I will say that it only took a few hours to beat - did it in one night - so I'd consider the pre-order, because it doesn't carry a lot of replayability.

    But it is so, so fantastic.

    1. So it's kind of a Limbo/Journey-quality experience. Those are enriching!