Sunday, August 31, 2014

Music! WeAreCastor.

WeAreCastor's Bon Voyage BandCamp page.

I was browsing SoundCloud the other day, and someone I was listening to liked a song whose artist liked Devil Don't Dance by WeAreCastor.  I love it - a nice blend of soul/funk and modern stuff - but WeAreCastor aren't a band that can be pidgeonholed into a single genre.  Each song, often, has a very different sound than the last - and it's seriously worth a listen.

Bright Lights goes on a bit long - one kinda' feels it it should end around the four-minute mark but it's still some chipper, upbeat stuff.

Just in case you missed Devil Don't Dance...

The whole album, Bon Voyage, is one of those albums you can turn on and just walk away from.  It's either very good or excellent in turn, and after it my iPod rolls directly in to Invade & Disco, the band's follow-up to Bon Voyage which dropped six months later.

WeAreCastor.  Check 'em out.

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