Friday, October 31, 2014

Awesome Posters! Ver. 4.0.

Once again, the Central Canada Comic Con is upon us.  As you well know, I have been situated generally down, and specifically in the dumps lately, and have felt for a while that I could do with some shopping therapy (Bayonetta the other day was no doubt part of this).

Today, Kayla and I went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and after we went to the first day of the Con.   Last year, I suppressed myself to a mere three selections from the spectacular portfolio of Justin Currie, as I was quite consciously saving up for the launch of the PS4.

This year, I have no such large upcoming purchase, I feel like shit, and I'm buying some awesome nerd swag.  I went... a little nuts.

First of all, Mr. Currie was back!  Last year I felt... a bit guilty that I didn't buy this original design of his:

A Fine Lunch Sketch

I loved the image, but when faced with limited funds and Snake, Samus and Shadow of the Colossus, I didn't pick it up in 2013.  That's the nature of fan conventions, I suppose - we go there because we're in love with popular culture, and we purchase pop culture goodies.  Our excitement bubbles over for those familiar properties we adore, and there can be little enthusiasm (or money) left over for something new and excellent.

It wasn't new, this year - it was something I regretted not buying last year.  So I bought it, and he signed it.  Groovy.

He had some others that I were fantastic.  Check out Hit Me.

Wicked.  Check out Quick Snack.

Awesome.  Check out Plunge,

which I was this close to buying just to have it up at work, echoing as it does my mental state most days in the office.  But I didn't.  I really should have, but I didn't (fortunately, that puts an image in the same boat as A Fine Sketch to pick up in 2015).

I also didn't buy the gorgeous Samus: Day 1, 

because I already bought a Samus from him last year, and, let's be honest, I'm not that big a Metroid fan.

So what did I buy, aside from A Fine Lunch Sketch?  I bought this:

Would You Like to Restart?

And I bought this.  Again:

Aah!  A Snake!

But this time I bought the 24x36 version, which is pretty goddamned gigantic.  I'm really hoping they'll let me have the 11x17 one I got last year up at work.  It's technically an image of a guy with a gun, but... we'll see if we can squeeze it in.

Bam.  Signed, soon-to-be-framed.  That's going up.

An artist who hadn't come to the Con before was Ron Guyatt, whose stuff you've almost-definitely seen around the internet.  He does wonderful, striking retro-styled posters of your favorite pop properties, and I finally - finally! - found myself a spectacular Dead Space poster.

I also went for this BioShock one,

which I'm sure you'll agree is spectacular - but, of course, I'm kicking myself for not picking up this stylish Fallout: New Vegas number.  Mostly because I love Fallout: New Vegas.

But whatever - I was already spending too much, and I would yet spend too much more.  In 2011, I purchased a lovely, understated Portal piece from Andrea Tamme.  This year she had a lot more pop-culture-themed items, but I settled on Mr. And Mrs. Lemongrab.  I don't know why.  It's just...

I like it.

Her partner (I think?) in art, Drake Tsui, who made the hugely popular Brawlin' Ladies (which I also nabbed in 2011) also returned to the Con this year, with a 3-for-2 deal goin' on, so I walked away with...


What Time Is It?

And one that I'm honestly a bit surprised at myself for buying,

The first rule of Fight Club...

If you have no idea who this is, it's Mako from Kill La Kill, after she puts on her Fight Club Two-Star uniform.  If you don't know who Mako is, that's fine.  Please don't judge me.  If you do know who Mako is, you're probably Ramzeltron.

When I told him I wanted pics of his figures, he Tweeted me his impressive collection - a Figma or two, a ton of Japanese fighting mechs and transformers, and the Ryuko Matoi Nendoroid. I couldn't help but point her out and admit that "I think I might be a Nendo person."

There is no Dana only Zuul.

Well, as Kayla and I were wandering, Ramzeltron, she heard me suddenly go "ohhh" as I whooshed away from the center aisle and came to a screetching halt in front of a little square box.

"What is that?" she said.

"That is the Ryuko Matoi Nendoroid."

Seventy bucks, no tax, great deal.

Now, Ramzeltron, don't blame yourself for this.  I told myself before I went to the Con today that what I really wanted to find was this exact figure.  This is not your fault.  This is my weakness - and only later, in the car on the way home did I stop and say "fuck now I have a figure that's not just Vanillaware."

Of course, now I really want the Mako too.

I also found a stuffed BMO plush for $25, which obviously was going to happen.

Finally, there are always cosplayers at the Con - Cloud Strifes and Pyramid Heads and Creed Assassins, but this kid won the Con, for me.  Earlier in the evening, I saw him, stopped in my tracks and said "thank you for this.  Thank you so much."

The kid walked up to me, offered me his pizza box and asked "I. C. Weiner?"

He even made the cans show-accurate.  This kid wins the Con.
He wins all Cons, in my heart.

Tomorrow, we go frames shopping.

[update] Today I spent about $200 on frames.

Also, we went back to C4, I paid $20 to get back in, waited in a massive line, got inside, walked up to Justin Currie's booth and bought two copies of Plunge - one for the office, one for home.  Take that, sense of regret. [update]