Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Excellent Model - Dragon's Crown: Sorceress 1/7 Complete Figure by MegaHouse.

~six months ago~

Kayla and I were out at my favorite restaurant (this fantastic Italian joint), and I asked her if it bothered her that I wanted to get the Amazon figure - she is, after all, a lady in a chainmail bikini, and I don't want something around that would make Kayla uncomfortable.  She said no, and that she was surprised I didn't want the Sorceress - who she now considers very "cute" after having fallen a bit in love with Dragon's Crown herself.

"The Sorceress?  No, the Amazon's the fun one.  Okay, well, fun factor probably goes Amazon, Sorceress, Elf, but that Elf sculpt is just amazing.   The only reason I'd want the Sorceress is..."

"To have the whole set?" she finishes.

Shit, she's right.

"But having the Sorceress will be pointless if I don't have the Amazon," I pointed out.  "If I don't have the Amazon, I don't want the Sorceress.  I guess... I could put in an order on the Sorceress just to lock her down, and if I can't get the Amazon when she releases in June, I'll cancel the preorder on the Sorceress..."

Kayla nodded, with encouragement. Well, shit.

~six months later~

Okay, first of all, press play.

Second of all - hm!





Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

The concept art.

Nothing beside remains.

My Vanillaware collection is complete.  I don't need Velvet and I certainly don't need Kongiku.

I'd buy Oswald, if he existed.  That'd be awesome.  Anyway, AmiAmi, in case you're curious, is awesome - they literally got that figure to me from Japan in five days.  Not five business days - there was a weekend in there!  And I didn't even go with pricier shipping.  Take that, Amazon.com.

AmiAmi is where all the good geeks over at NeoGAF buy their figures from.  The folks in the figure thread there are living encyclopedias of PVC.  They collect cute figures, they collect badass figures and they collect... um... stuff that's...

Yes - that.   And you may be saying to yourself "Chance, the Sorceress is plenty lewd."  Well, to that I say you have no idea what is out there and how far it goes.  You don't want to know and, by comparison, the Sorceress is as tame as Saturday morning Flintstones.

That being said, these are the people who treat these figures like we treat games.  They know their shit, and this is their flag:

I think the fact that I have 3 of the figures pictured here doesn't mean I have too many figures.
It means I buy the good figures.

I've been lurking the thread since I discovered it, and it's a gold mine of enthusiast insight. FigureGAF, you are how I learned (1) where people who buy figures buy their figures and (2) where they get their information from.  It's where I discovered accurate sources for the Sorceress and Amazon's actual release dates (because Amazon.com is not to be trusted).  Now, I know if I really, really decide to get Tiki - which Kayla fully endorses, she's 1/1 for Pete's sake - I know where to go to pay like, 50% of what Amazon.com would charge me.

"Dude, didn't you just say your Vanillaware collection was complete?"

Look.  Man.

Shut up.

For now, at least, I've got the three I knew I wanted, when Megahouse first unveiled their line last December.  Do I want a good Selvaria Bles?  Yes.  Do I want a really good Rukyo Matoi?  Of course I do.  Would I turn up my nose at a particularly adorable Yotsuba?  Well, no.

But I've already got a hobby, and it's called playing video games.  It is that affection that led me to Momo, Gwendolyn and the Dragon's Crown heroes, and that is where it shall end.


Either way, I can now bask in the dreamy eyes and flowing hair of the Sorceress - and the fact that she stands nobly among my beloved Elf and Amazon.  I do so love complete sets.

"But Chance, are you really sure your (otherwise very chill) lady won't be displeased that you've purchased a figure of a large-breasted woman, flashin' all that thigh?" 

Well... for one, Kayla's in Vegas right now, and poses little immediate threat to my person.  Second, I suspect she'll be quite excited to see the Sorceress, as the one and only photo she's sent me thus far is this statue in a casino's fountain...

...which is a reproduction of Nike of Samothrace, a Greek statue from around 190 B.C, which (in addition to being around for two thousand years), served as the inspiration for the Goddess Althena's statue in Dragon's Crown.

Nike of Samothrace at left, the Goddess Althena's statue in Dragon's Crown on the right. 

That's who I'm dating.  I'm datin' a girl who plays long-distance Dragon's Crown gaming trivia. 

Things of note:
  • Her hair's more red-brown than brown, and - like the Amazon's - becomes more translucent near the tips. 
  • The hat doesn't adhere with like, magnets or a pin or anything.  You can position it however you want, and take it off. 

  • They added this really nice touch of these laces on the back of her bodice that you really have to get up close to see.  Lovely detail work. 
  • Unlike the Elf and Amazon, the Sorceress requires no additional support to keep her upright. She's very stable. 

  • How she holds her staff is a bit odd, as figures go.  It doesn't unscrew at a hidden seam so it can slide in to her hand without fear of damaging the figure (see: Gwendolyn, the Elf, Momohime, the Amazon).  Her hand is slightly open, and you literally have to force the staff into her palm as the terror of breaking a piece of plastic you just paid $160 for grips your heart with icy talons. 
  • The frog doesn't like, plug in to her hand or anything - it's a part of her hand, and can't be removed.  If there's one part that's going to break one day, it's that frog. 
  • Her base is by far the best of the three - the Amazon and the Elf in no way needed such huge bases. 
  • I kinda' love the figure she cuts from the back, with her skirt and hair all billowing out. 

I avoided the Sorceress's Curse spell for a long time.
Turns out, turning the most dangerous enemies in the game into frogs is hella fun.
The Amazon is still my fave, naturally, but the Sorceress is of very high quality - and the fact that all three are such faithful reproductions of the concept art is quite a boon.

And now, in keeping with tradition, the 360 rotation .GIF!

And that... is fucking' awesome.

Gamer pride.


  1. Your figure-game is strong! The only thing that worries me about the Sorceress is that frog breaking off; it looks like as though a firm flick can knock it off.

    Figure collections have a way of... growing, whether your wallet wants it to or not. I have... I don't know how many. I stopped counting a while ago. It's a lot.

  2. She is gorgeous! Can't wait to see her up close on Saturday :D