Saturday, November 15, 2014

Game Diary - Don't Starve.

I started up Assassin's Creed Unity today to make some progress, and reached for my Vita during its load screens.  It didn't take long to just give up, and answer Don't Starve's siren call.  It's irresistible.

The Evil Within and Unity - these big, 1080p triple-As - pale next to Don't Starve.  They are re-hashes of places we've already been and adventures we've already had, and Don't Starve's truly open design makes each choice - makes the entire experience of playing it - so much more meaningful.  I'm running along rooftops and breaking line-of-sight in Assassin's Creed, but what I'm thinking about is my next move in Don't Starve.

I have survived the winter, survived the Deerclops and Moose/Goose, and as the rains of spring continue, I am beset with opportunities and choices.

There is a pig town installed near a statue I must visit during the full moon - but the pig-men turn feral and aggressive under the moon's light - I need to tear that town down.  I can rebuild it somewhere closer to home - somewhere more convenient.

That time might be better spent gathering fireflies, as now seems ideal.  In winter, the nights are equally long but fireflies do not appear.  In summer, they appear but the night is too short.  No, this seems perfect.

I know spring will fade into summer, and summer in Reign of Giants carries an environmental hazard similar to winter - I can overheat to the point of death, and have no experience managing that.  Perhaps I should gather some ice - but to use that ice to make the block-of-ice-hat-thing, I need gold, which is in short supply.  I've found a few decent boulders near a bunch of hound mounds - a dangerous proposition - perhaps I should simply spelunk to find some.

Either way, I'll need those fireflies.

I still haven't found an igloo, yet.  For all I know, there's a Tam o' Shanter out there just lying on the ground, waiting for me to find it...

So much to do, so much to do...


  1. I don't see you dropping this game anytime soon.I'm glad there's a game so dependable for you.

  2. The stories this game produces just never stop. It's luxurious.