Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I can quit any time I want.

Alternate title: The Vertex 1/1 scale Dragon's Crown Tiki Adventure Results figure.

And now my Dragon's Crown collection is complete.

Tiki showed up today - another exemplary shipping time for AmiAmi, who asked for payment on the 6th, shipped her on the 7th and got her to me five days later - with a weekend and a statutory holiday in between.  I think Kayla was more excited to see her than I was, and was quite put out that I held off opening the box for twenty seconds to empty my coffers in Unity before getting down to business.

Tiki as she appears at the Adventure Results screen.

I've never bought a Vertex figure before - the folks at GAF don't seem to have much faith in them - but she's a fine quality, if I do say so myself.  The detail work on her eyes and the body-paint nicely captures Kamitani's style with flesh tones, and I love-love-love that each of the coins in the bag that're spilling forth have the Vanillware crest on one side.

I'm certainly not up to taking a decent photo of it - or my camera isn't or whatever - but it's also pretty cool that her wings are totally translucent, and her hair becomes translucent near the tips - just like what Megahouse did with the Sorceress and Amazon.

And now I am definitely done with figures.  I mean, Mako came two days ago, and she's adorabubs.

Obviously, I had to get Mako after getting Ryuko.  That's just prudent.

And now, done.  Totally done.  Completely done.

Unless Kayla wants to get me the Wind Waker Link Nendo for Christmas.  Of course.

Done.  Totally done.



  1. "Done."

    Tiki fits right in with her companions. The coins are a nice touch.

    That Mako is so darn cute! My Nendo Satsuki happened to come in the mail today (along with a giant robot that doesn't fit on the shelf), so she'll be the companion for Ryuko I got. Sorry, Mako.

    1. I debated Satsuki, actually - in the end I said no 'cause I don't like that she's wearing her Kamui. I totally woulda' bought one with her outfit at the end of the series, though.

      I'd totally buy a Ryuko fig of her in the jacket she starts the show in, too. She looked bad-ass.

    2. Ah! SO many outfits! There are too many that can be done, but I'm fine with the kamui.

      I like how our conversation can be interpreted as: "We grown men just want to dress up our dolls."

  2. wonderful as always!
    So cute and detailed Tiki O_o

    1. She really is! One thing none of the pictures really show is how great the paint work on her hair is - it's yellow-golden-orange, with highlights here and there. The first thing Kayla noticed about her was that all her finger and toenails are painted a pale pink ^.^