Friday, November 7, 2014

Stay away from me, 'cause I'm in my sin.

If this joint is raided, somebody give me my gin. 


Detolf is another one of the kind insights the good folks at FigureGAF provided.

It's a shelf, basically.  A cheap glass shelving unit from Ikea, and a favorite of collectors around the world.  Put the name into Google image search and you'll find pics of people's matchbox car displays, little fire engine displays, Barbie displays, WWI helmet displays, western vinyl figure displays, action figure displays, movie tie-in high-end statue/ship/mask/sword displays - displays for every imaginable expressed fandom. People even turn Detolfs into high-end hamster terrariums.   Why?

Because the Detolf display case is cheap, they look good and you can put multiples of them together to achieve a pretty clean, snazzy look.  Here it is.

Last week, Kayla and I went to Ikea to check out their display cabinets.  I'd decided my collection of figures had grown too much and was too awesome to have on a bookshelf any longer. When we got there, I decided on the Klingsbo, because it's taller, has a little lock thing in the front and my cat is a fucking nutcase.

When we went to get the boxes, I was struck by the surety that the Klingsbo's colossal crates (long, long boxes) would not fit in the car.  Kayla insisted they would, once we folded down the seats, but I was already iffy about spending what would essentially be $200 on a cabinet I wasn't sure would fit in the car.  Tired and sweaty from navigating the potentially-infinite maze that is Ikea, we went home with nothing to show for it.

That Klingsbo cabinet was stupid anyway.  Hundred and fifty bucks.  That's AC Unity and Far Cry 3, right there.  Plus it's got the metal edging, which would really hide whatever you display in it.

Fuck that.  Fuck it.

A few days later, I told Kayla I wanted to go back to Ikea and she didn't just smack me in the face.  It was awesome. We went.

This time, it was weird.  At some point, my brain had acclimatized itself to Ikea's labyrinthian layout and could actually read the little maps posted about.  I zipped around corners and came to a stop in front of the Detolfs.  We discussed color (the top and bottom wood pieces can be white, black/brown or tan), we poked around for a low unit that might support the Detolf's weight, to raise it off the ground (it's shorter than six feet), and we wrote down the packing information to pull it off the shelf downstairs.

Then I went and grabbed a pack of Dioder - again, a freakish display of navigation as I cut through the main-floor walls and took us straight to the lighting section, and led us directly to the box stacks to collect the cabinet.

"Are you impressed that I just zipped us through Ikea in like seven minutes?" I needed to know.

"Actually yes.  That was pretty cool."

"I'm a little sexier to you, right now, aren't I?"

"Little bit."

For the record, Kayla was right.  The boxes for the Detolf were about the same size as the Klingsbo's, and they totally fit in the car.  So basically, my lack of spatial awareness saved me a hundred bucks.

Kayla took off yesterday morning, and I set to rearranging the shelving between my bedroom and computer room.  I took all the blu-rays off my large shelf and all the anime and manga off my small shelf and switched the big shelf into the bedroom and the small shelf into the computer room to make space for the Detolf.  Then I opened the packages, and checked out the instructions. The very first thing the instructions tell you?

"Don't put this thing together alone."  Well, Internet and Ikea, I'm here to tell you, you can totally put the Detolf together alone with minimal challenges.

Here's mine.

Weirdly enough, Snake's palcement down there is the happiest I've ever been with him.
In related news, tragedy struck my figure collection this same day,
when Meryl Silverburgh plunged from the top of my bookshelf
and took her own life.

The Dark Souls II warrior on high (mostly) defends the eye from the offensive power cords erupting from the top of the unit.  It really took some Tetris-style skills to squeeze all the Dragon's Crown ladies into the top shelf, but a watch gift box under the Sorceress calmed things down and made it terribly presentable.

I'm not entirely happy with how obscured the Elf is, but given its multiple viewing angles, it works out well.

Momo, Gwendolyn, Harley and Ryuko get second-string placement beneath the Dragon's Crown girls, and the viewing angle from my computer is perfect - but I'll admit I'm otherwise a bit saddened to have them so low that when you're like, walking around you only see the top of Momo's head, for example, and can't see Gwen's pensive expression.

Oh well.  When I have a bigger place, that issue will solve itself through the thoughtful application of a second Detolf.

The thing is done up with the Dioder lights - a very handy little set-up of pencil-lead-thin wires that are easily pushed behind the Detolf's interior cage, and adhere to the shelves with (included!) double-sided tape.  It looks frickin' awesome with the room lights off.

And now, when I'm headed into my bedroom or computer room, I'm greeted with what is essentially a museum or showcase-quality display of my favorite gaming icons.   Seriously, it's like walking by a cabinet of awesome stuff at a trade show you're not allowed to touch - except it's mine!

(Jazzy hands.)  Detolf!


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    1. I feel like this advice could get a boy into any number of troubles. Cheers!

  2. This is good stuff, man. You now have a tiny museum in your house.

    1. Now entering The Hallway of Things Your Work Friends Don't Need To Know About.