Monday, December 1, 2014

Digital comics in wonderful corporeal form.

A Sunday or two ago, Kayla and I were lounging in bed and - as is Sunday tradition - we read the latest Oglaf, which I will not link to as it is entirely X-rated.  It is, additionally, hilarious and brilliant, and its second book is now available!  Kayla got me Book One for Christmas last year, but this year was on me.  I was even able to get one with a hand-drawn and signed illustration from (Oglaf artist and writer) Trudy Cooper of dour hero Greir on the inside cover!  (Checks.)  Annnd they're sold out of all the signed ones, now.  Collectible!

I also picked up Aaron Diaz's The Tomorrow Girl and Other Stories, which collects every Dresden Codak up to the current, most-gorgeous Dark Science arc. Unlike Oglaf, which shows Ms. Cooper at the height of her talent after years of honing her craft, Dresden Codak has been slowly becoming gorgeous over the years, and the Dark Science arc is absolutely stunning, visually.  Diaz updates the comic far too rarely (way too rare for someone with a Patreon going), but Dresden Codak constantly backstrokes through some very heady philosophical and science fiction waters - with enough energy, originality and abject weirdness to earn it a strong following during the early, tumultuous years represented in The Tomorrow Girl.

I still haven't cracked it open, but I'll be glad to have it on my shelf.  Buying these two books, though, kind of shines a spotlight on one collection of work that I don't have in my collection.

That, to this day, really stings.  Its absence is a hole in my digital heart.

I fell in love with Dr. McNinja years ago, but I stopped reading it, for some reason.  Every now and then I return to Chris Hastings' work, and catch up on a few arcs.

That seems wrong though, man.  Wrong.  Dr. McNinja is one of the most radical things the internet has given the world, and to not support it in a meaningful way feels... rude.  Less than gentlemanly.

So y'know what?

I picked up The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Omnibus, which - at just under 500 pages - collects the first eleven stories, riiight up to the point it turns to colour in Monster Mart.  And then, feeling a bit put out that I didn't have the awesome colour stories, I bought the first collection thereof - Night Powers.


...which should arrive some time before Christmas.  Ahh, that feels good.  It feels good to support the internet artists who've given me such joy.

Now, I know what you're thinkin'.  You're thinkin' "why is his receptionist a gorilla?"


  1. Oh crap, I didn't know that there's a Dr. McNinja omnibus. Does this mean I gotta buy one? I gotta buy one. He's been my go-to Halloween costume for years.

  2. The Omnibus is surprisingly cheap on Amazon. Like, twenty bucks (plus shipping, plus exchange rate for your put-upon Canadian friends).

  3. I've looked at things like mcninja and thought, "For some reason I'm really glad this exists."