Monday, December 29, 2014

Game Diary - Dragon Age Inquisition.

Well crap.  It is that good.  I'm not sure that it's my GotY, but it's up there, man.  All the reviews came out and I was like "really? Dragon Age?  Really?"  And then it gets the GotY at the Game Awards and I'm all "really?"

Well, yeah.  Really really.

My Inquisitor is a scrawny little Dalish elf who's kinda' funny lookin' and kinda' cute.  Her prominent eyebrows ensure she always looks a little worried and/or surprised, and she's almost entirely lacking an upper lip.

I think she's adorable.  She often lacks the cool, cocky charm of Shepard, but she's kind, direct, and now - at level fifteen - an absolute monster with a bow in her hands.

What Inquisition has - what it has in spades - is the Lord of the Rings romance that DAII completely ignored.  It's a far broader game than any Mass Effect or Dragon Age to come before it, and what you get are these colossal, wide-open areas that give you the real sense of wandering through an impossibly ancient forest, of slogging through gloomy swamps - of exploring a fantastical world.

The fallow mire is incredible

That is a huge part of the game's success - even as it denies it the denser excitement of Mass Effect.  Thus far, it feels like the "big moments" are fewer and further between, and I've yet to come across a side quest that really throbs with the bracing, morally-gray narratives BioWare cut their teeth on - but the size and grandeur and beauty of the adventure, and how pleasurable its play is, ensures I don't mind.

Life as an Archer Rogue wasn't all cupcakes and daisies until I unlocked my class specialization, and went with Tempest - which permits me to lay down ridiculous burst damage from thirty feet away, and spam focus moves at will.  I send in Blackwall - the world-weary Gray Warden who stole my Inquisitor's heart, despite the low-down charms of Sera - and he taunts them all into a neat little group.  I pop my poison-weapons skill, pop Flask of Fire (which eliminates the stamina cost on my abilities and their cooldowns) and spam an explosive arrow that showers everything downrange in fire and poison.


It's super good-looking with gorgeous environments, it's absolutely gigantic (I had spent 22 hours in it before I really left the Hinterlands, your starting area), and it's fun to play.

Dragon Age Inquisition.  Yes, really.


  1. Funny story - I went through the entire game without unlocking my rogue' s class specialization. Not sure how I missed that.

  2. It's stupendously easy to miss. I only started googling it because I thought it was weird there weren't specializations. It's a pretty big oversight, but you can only really max out 2 trees anyway.

  3. My Tempest quest took me literally three hours, and two of that was blindly running around the Storm Coast trying to find a particular mob spawn that never seemed to appear in the locations the quest instructed. It was so frustrating I broke down and went to the net, to find everyone believing the quest must be broken or bugged - but it was just because instead of the mob actually spawning at the river in the area called Long River, it spawns on a hilltop nearby that you can't see from the river.

    A rare moment of frustration, with Inquisition.