Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hm. There's some pretty good stuff on that Kognitif album.

Okay, so remember how in my internet wand'rings I came across an artist from France called Kognitif?  It's like, all I listened to at work today.

I hopped back and forth to some other playlists - some Stateless, some Caro Emerald, some blues - but for the most part I was listening My Space World on repeat.  Check this out.


Now, check this out.

Hmmm it seems like this album is actually pretty old.  Let's see if there's anything oh my God there's another album and it's free on Bandcamp! (Click on "buy now," enter "0" for amount, give 'em an email address and it's yours.)

Shit this is good stuff!

Well, this is going straight on my iPod, and requires further auditory exploration tomorrow.  Awesome!

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  1. Oh god. This music is delightful! I can't hit the download button fast enough.