Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How to get Resogun working on your Vita.

Officially, Sony and the crew that ported Housemarque's exemplary shooter are still working on getting the Vita version fixed on North America's PSN.  If you, like me, were pretty put out when you downloaded the game yesterday and got a validation error when you booted it up, PlayStation Blog commenter ShadowJR has got us covered.  I tested their solution, and lo - it works!

Step 1 - delete Resogun off your Vita.  (Hold your finger over its icon, tap the "..." that comes up, choose delete.)

Step 2 - log on to your PSN account on the web browser version of the PlayStation Store.  Search for  "Resogun."  Three versions will come up - the PS3, PS4 and Vita versions.

Step 3 - add each version to your cart.  If you already paid for it or have the PS4 version through the Plus version we got during the PS4 launch, the price for each will be free.  Go through checkout, and you're done here.

Step 4 - open up the PSN store on your Vita, go to your downloads list and re-download Resogun.

Step 5 - update Resogun before trying to run it.  (It's one of the symbols at the top of the page when you first tap its icon.)  Finally, run Resogun!


Thank you, SharowJR, for figuring this out - and shame on you, Sony, for making this process necessary.


  1. This does not work.

    1. Oh. Sorry man, it worked for me.

    2. Thanks anyway. I'm sure it worked for some.

  2. this ABSOLUTELY worked for me but i had purchased my PS4 version of Resogun via PSN and didn't get it free from PS+ so not sure if that is why? either way, this is worth trying because it did work for me.

  3. It worked for me! thanks!