Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This is probably the coolest gaming thing you'll see today.

There are a few semi-interesting other bits, I suppose.  This week's PSN Holiday sale has Child of Light for Vita down to a reasonable price, and I'm considering snagging it despite my tepid reaction to the game on PS4.  Two sale prices you should really be paying attention to is Don't Starve's - it's down to nine bucks on Vita with a PS+ membership, and that is a steal - and my cherished Dragon's Crown, which is down to $20, even without a PS+ subscription, on PS3 and Vita.  If you don't have it, get it.   Oh, and Hotline Miami for three bucks is an absolute no-brainer.

I also find myself considering Sleeping Dogs' PS4 version - it's down to thirty bucks with a plus membership - but if I'm being honest with myseslf, I'd rather have it on a disc.  Speaking of up-ports, the excellent DmC: Devil May Cry is also getting a new-gen up-port (due out in March), and Devil May Cry 4 as well.

Hmmm let's see what's new on the PlayStation channel... ooh, this The Order: 1886 trailer is nicely creepy.

Oooh, and they've got the opening cutscene for Dying Light but it's... pretty meh.  Still super-hyped for the game, though.

What else, what else... oh!  Disgaea 5 is coming to PS4 in North America.

Annnd Guilty Gear Xrd and Loadout dropped today for PS4, and Loadout is free - which is ample reason to give it a shot.

...but I think I might just end up playing more Don't Starve.  I turned it back on today.  That might have been a mistake.

[update]  I didn't play Don't Starve.  I played with my Nendos and moved them to the upper shelf of my Detolf, away from Momo, Gwendolyn and Harley.

They are not happy about it.


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