Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Well, that worked out well.

Work today was an eight-hour slog through one of the crueler levels of hell, but everything started looking up once I walked out the doors.  I went to cash in a lottery ticket I thought was good for ten bucks, but it ended up being good for over seventy.  I spent ten on more lottery tickets, and pocketed the rest.

So, win.

Once I got home, I remembered that today is PSN update day and Secret Ponchos is finally out!

I told my PS4 in no uncertain terms to download it before downloading that DC comics fighting game from the Mortal Kombat devs, read some internet news and finally gave it a play.

I've had my eye on Secret Ponchos ever since it appeared with all those other indies on Sony's E3 stage in 2013.  It's not the type of game I've ever cared about or deeply enjoyed - it is entirely a multiplayer, competitive game, and I am almost-exclusively a single-player or co-op gamer - but it's so stylish.  I love everything about how the game looks, have wanted to get my hands on it for about a year and a half now, and the developers' explanation of their design over at the PlayStation Blog makes it sound like a really... thoughtfully-constructed combat game.

So I booted it up and gave it a whirl and... well, shit.  I like it.  I never came in first in any of my games, but in both I came out third (out of eight), which ain't half bad!

I like it.  I wanna' play more of it.  So, win.

Almost-finally, you should watch this Los Santos by Night video.  It was captured using the PS4 version of Grand Theft Auto V.

The little details, the animations, the... humanity of the NPCs is so pronounced, here.  But if you're like me, you're thinkin' "what is that music and where can I get more of it?"

The music is 50s Manhattan by Jesse James.  Don't bother Googling him, you won't find him - he's a producer who lays down slick beats for rappers, but you can find 50s Manhattan and many other similarly chill tracks on DLOAW & Co's collection, Secret Garden 2.  And you can get it free on their Bandcamp page.


You can also get the first Secret Garden album there.  Similarly, free.


So I'm like, who is this DLOAW and are they actually licensed to give away this awesome music?  Turns out they're a radio station or something in Europe, and they seem affiliated with the Melting Records publisher label.  Melting Records, right now, is pushing an album called My Space World by Kognitif, which you can get... for free here, by giving them an email address.  Seems painless... (winces pre-emptively...)

Win.  Let's see what else they've got...

Hmmmm.... very cool.  Once I get this stuff onto my iPod, I'm gonna' go check out some more Secret Ponchos, and see if I can figure out how to equip Kid Red's dynamite.

Then I'm gonna' read that article Alex is hypin' before bed.

That sounds nice.

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