Thursday, January 29, 2015

Apotheon drops on PS4 on Feb 3rd for the very best price.

Free, of course, is the best price a thing can possibly have, and it's coming with February's PlayStation Plus offerings.  For that price, I'll definitely check out a lovely-looking 2D brawler that seems to have just taken the basic plot of God of War for its own.

PS4 players will also get Transistor, which is awesome, PS3 players will get Yakuza 4, which I'm assured is awesome and Thief, which I can assure you is not, but certainly worth trying out.  The Vita, finally, gets Rogue Legacy, which is awesome, and something called Kick & Fennick which...

...actually I have no idea what Kick & Fennick is, let's look into that...

Hm.  You might wanna' watch this.

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