Monday, January 19, 2015

February's releases just got infinitely more interesting.

Talkin' 'bout Darkest Dungeon, yo.

Witnessing the Skeletal Defender's vicious attack against her comrade Lincoln, Paracael is dealt seven points of stress damage. This pushes her stress level beyond a hundred percent - her resolve is tested - and she is found wanting.  She has become Afflicted.  Being Afflicted isn't always a bad thing - she may deal more damage or have a higher chance to crit - but she may also do whatever the hell she wants when her turn comes.

If she makes it back to town, she'll need to blow off some steam.  Of course, she's devoutly religious, so sending her to the brothel or tavern won't do - she won't be able to relax unless she's sent to the chapel for some good ol' fashioned flagellation.

And man.


I can't stop thinking about Darkest Dungeon.

Over the weekend, while working on my Hype List post, I realized that Galak-Z is no longer my most-anticipated game of 2015.  It's still up there, mind you.  Of the 100-ish games coming in 2015, it's number two on my list - but Darkest Dungeon is the game that I just can't get out of my head.

I have watched hour-long livestreams consisting of the developers drawing game art and just chatting.  I have watched hour-long gameplay vids that contain new characters who aren't animated yet, floating across the game space like little cardboard cutouts, because I am ravenous for this game.

And I don't know why.  I don't know what Darkest Dungeon's got that managed to bury itself so deeply in my imagination, but I can't rid myself of this dark dungeon-lust that's overtaken me.

Darkest Dungeon lands on Steam Early Access on February 3rd.  That is like two weeks away.

It won't be the complete game, but Red Hook have apparently poured a ton in to the Early Access version with three finished (endlessly randomly-generated) dungeons, the town available for respite and upgrades and a ton (10+) of cool classes - including the Hellion, Leper, Bounty Hunter and (above) Grave Robber.

That's one of the things I really love about the game.  Around half of your tragic heroes are ladies - and c'mon, when was the last game you played that had Leper as a class?  ("A sick man with a death wish, the Leper's ambivalence permits resistance to stress damage, but his condition makes healing him... problematic.")

It won't have a story mode or a campaign, but you'll be able to play it indefinitely - taking quests in town, defeating monsters in the dungeons, earning loot, buying new character skills, tending to their tender psyches and sending them back into the black.

They've estimated Early Access's cost at about twenty bucks, and that feels beyond-reasonable to finally play the game I can't get out of my head.

I worry, I suppose, that I'm so damned ultra-hyped for the game that if I wait the six or nine months until it lands on my PS4 or Vita, I'll be post-hyped for it.  That I might feel the same way about DD as I do about, say, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  That I still like the idea of it, but I'm not exactly excited to play it.

Similarly, getting Darkest Dungeon on Early Access and playing the crap out of it may ensure I'm weary of it, by the time the full game launches - and that wouldn't do at all.

But y'know what?  It's worth the risk.

Everything you touch could add a new quirk to your heroes.  Junia's Dark Temptation may make it impossible for her to resist rifling through that next corpse pile...

And so, yesterday, I reinstalled Steam.  Today, I downloaded my copy of Don't Starve just to see if it will run on my decidedly non-gaming PC.  It does!  It seems to run as well as it does on PS4, actually!

Thus, armed with a credit card and an unshakable desire for Red Hook's ultra-stylish turn-based tactical psycho-sensitive Roguelike dungeon crawler, February's release calendar just got a lot more interesting.  This game has turned me from a stalwart console gamer back to the PC master, for the first time in like fifteen years.

What?  The Order: 1886 is coming out in February?

Don't care.  Darkest Dungeon.  After fourteen months of drooling over it.

Darkest Dungeon.

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  1. Yeah, fair warning to early accessing. I've done it twice (dungeon of the endless, endless legend... Amplitude studios sure is swell!) and I've been vindicated twice. But you run the risk of being sick of it before the best content is added. I put DOE down for 3 months not realizing it had become twice the game it was the day after I did that.