Friday, January 9, 2015

No, Vanillaware is not teasing their next game.

Oh Dualshockers.  Would it kill you to do even a modicum of research to support your sensationalist headlines?  I'm a Vanillaware fan - and as a Vanillaware fan the disappointment that opening your article inflicted upon me is very akin to what FFVII fans suffered at the hands of Squenix at PSX.

No, Vanillaware is not teasing a 2D shoot-em-up ship-girl game with this image on their official website.

"This could be the tease of a new IP, possibly set in a science fiction universe and seemingly featuring weaponized flying robot girls."
Yeahhh but... it's not.  Just like Vanillaware didn't announce a sexy ice-cream game in 2014

or a high-school girl mecha game in 2013

or a game about Shiva in 2012

or a distant-future torso-jars game in 2011

or a butterfly-human orgy simulator in 2010

 or a game headlined by the first mermaid to ever spread eagle 2009

or an adventure-platformer featuring lion ladies in 2008.

It could be that Vanillaware puts up a new crazy piece by Kamitani every single year.  In fact, I'm prepared to say that's precisely what it is.

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