Monday, January 12, 2015

Should I play Atelier Ayesha?

It drops tomorrow on PSN for Vita - which, obviously, is my preferred mode of transport for pretty much any game.  I really want to get into it, for reasons I will now bullet-point

  • the Atelier series is long-running and well-honed,
  • I enjoyed my time with Totori
  • I really should support localized JRPGs on the Vita
  • I can guarantee you we'll get the next two games in Ayesha's trilogy on Vita, too, so this is an ideal place to start
  • I haven't actually played a full JRPG on my Vita yet! 
  • That little witch is super cute.  
If I nab Ayesha, I'll have two weeks before Grim Fandango drops on Vita (Jan 27th).  But what if a supercool indie drops?  What if Galak-Z drops?  I mean, it probably won't - but what if?  Then I know I'll set Ayesha aside just like I did with Totori.  

But still... I waaant iiit...  

...I should just keep playing Duke Nukem 3D... or maybe write that Far Cry 4 review.  That never happened.

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