Friday, February 20, 2015

Kayla gets it.

Kayla sends me an email at work today, consisting - in its entirety - of a picture,

and the phrase
"what do you think of these tables?"
These tables are clearly objects that someone is willing to part with, I deduce.  But whose?  A friend's?  If these tables are free, I like the price.  But these are suppositions - I must have proof, so I respond,
"I don't mind 'em.  Whose are they?" 
The tables were $80, all together, from some Internet swap group Kayla follows.  I advised her I don't go in for these back-alley shenanigans - but still, if it's what Kayla wants...
"Do these really grab your attention?" I asked.
"The price for all three did, but if I’m thinking long term then they wouldn’t do."
"I think we can cobble together placeholders for a lot less than $80.  I mean, for eighty bucks we could buy a five-hour game with awesome production values. Now that’s an investment I can get behind lawlawlawlyou’re dating an idiot."
"You’re not an idiot – you choose to want to believe in games when others say they aren’t worth the price, and sometimes they end up being real gems."
And it was like awww.  She really gets me.

And here's the kicker - I am enjoying The Order: 1886 so far.  With about two hours put in, I like the story, I like the world, I like the characters and yes, I'm having fun with the combat.  It's nicely brutal.

And speaking of overlooked gems, remember Resonance of Fate? 

*this is actual gameplay of this JRPG.   It's so awesome.

I hope you got it while the gettin' was good, 'cause you won't see its like ever again.  Or at least, it's incredibly unlikely that developer tri-Ace will make a sequel, because they were just purchased by a mobile games developer.  It is to cry.

Oh, also, Danganronpa: Another Episode has been confirmed for North American localization.  It appears just crazy enough for me to overlook its overly simple environments.  Plus, it's an action game for Vita, and that alone is enough to pique my curiosity.

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