Sunday, March 15, 2015

Moving in Stage III: Dat Detolf.

Kayla and I are still at in the phase of moving in where a lot of our stuff remains in boxes, but it's all the stuff that remains after getting all the most voluminous (movies) and important (clothing, soap, knives) stuff out, and in its place.  The figure collection has remained in the closet of The Blue Room since our arrival last week.  The house, I suppose I should mention, has a master bedroom, a smaller bedroom that's painted pink, and a slightly-smaller room that's painted Blue.

The Blue Room is my den, for lack of a better word.  My little geeky man-cave, in which I have a small library of graphic novels, 200-year old books (I love old books), and some of my favorite creepy novels.  It also contains a fifty-inch plasma screen, a PS4, a leather recliner and a pair of surround-sound headphones - it is my little slice of paradise - along with a desk, and my faithful desktop computer.

Getting a house set up is a ton of work.  A ridiculous amount of work.  Sweat-pouring-off-you work, and each day I have a few extra hours, I'll generally find myself assembling a part of a room or hauling boxes of old National Geographics downstairs.

Yesterday, Kayla and I went to Ikea and acquired a second Detolf (and a nice big garbage can for the kitchen).  I suspect you know where I'm going with this.  Today, the figure collection came out of the closet in the blue room, and into the living room.

I agree, the cabling behind the cabinets is unsightly, but I lack the time (and carpentry skills) to make a better go of it - and at least I can turn the cabinets' lights on with a tap of my toe on that power bar.  Can't put a price on convenience!

The lower four shelves are all lower-end stuff -

  • a Ratchet & Clank action figure I grabbed at a comic convention, 
  • the Ezio statue that came with Assassin's Creed II's Special Edition, 
  • the Play Arts Kai Solid Snake (for the record: I really hate Play Arts Kai - they will fall apart at the drop of a hat), 
  • a tiny figure of Princess Kenny, 
  • the Max statue from the Special Edition of Max Payne 3 (which I'm actually quite fond of),
  • a little Kratos action figure,
  • a (rather burly) Bouncer, 
  • a cute little Mario, 
  • Finn, BMO, Jake and Bender. 

The higher shelves are where we keep The Good Shit.

We've also been able to get some of our favored pieces of art up in the living room.

That's a lot of Justin Currie!  Specifically (left to right),

  • the painting of a crow my Mom did.    
Like ten years back she asked my brothers and I what we would like her to paint for us.  My younger brother asked for a big painting of planets with like, a nebula twisting around in there.  My older brother asked for a forest scene with some elk in it.  I took a piece of paper and (very) roughly sketched the above image.

She did a perfect job. 

So yeah.  The house is coming together!


  1. Lois reflection? ...oh. OHHHH.

    Detolf glass. Cute.

  2. Your plastic collection is coming along nicely. It's the best, nerdiest way to decorate your place.

    1. I showed a co-worker the pics today. I was flipping through them and he said "whoah, whoah, wait. Is that a sexy witch with her boobs all hangin' out?"

      I flipped back to the Sorceress.

      "Yes it is."

    2. Though I should note, I still feel a bit superior in the knowledge of all the more... dedicatedly-sexual figures are not among my collection.

    3. Some roads are better left untraveled.