Friday, March 13, 2015

My gaming cup runneth over.

There are not nearly enough hours in the day.  Oreshika is lovely so far, Hotline Miami 2 is as addictive as its predecessor, and the end of Olli Olli 2 is within striking distance - but now that I feel comfortable putting The Order aside, the game I'm most excited about getting back to is Dying Light.

The Order's review was an odd experience, to me - but I can see where a lot of the criticisms are coming from.  It's a game that does its core gameplay - cover-based shooting - merely as well as most other cover-based shooters.  It's not Uncharted 2 in which you can launch yourself off a platform while blind-firing at an enemy behind you, and it's not Max Payne 3 in which you can slow-mo dive between cover points while laying down gorgeous, cinematic micro-SMG fire across a swath of baddie foreheads - it's just really solid - and I guess a super-gorgeous game with solid gameplay ain't enough, for some.

It is for me, particularly when it's buoyed by so many exceptionally strong, effective choices.

For the record, that review is just under eight thousand words.  I'm not sure if that's a personal record, but that might be a personal record.  Wait - lemmie check the Dragon's Crown review...

Yep.  That's a record by a country mile.

When it comes to Game of the Year time, The Order won't be on anything but best-presentation lists.  On my personal list, as it stands right now, Dying Light is far and away the frontrunner, by virtue of being completely un-like The Order - it is entirely about its gameplay, and the feel of its action - but that doesn't make The Order a bad game.  A super-duper gorgeous, rock-solid game.

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