Saturday, March 14, 2015

Super Best Friends Forever!

After a few days of prodding Kayla to come with me to our local geek shop, we finally got down there today.  We'd grabbed the straight-jacketed Will Graham, and it looked like he was to be our (see: Kayla's) only purchase until I saw the above logo, staring up at me like a My Little Pony ad from the top of a box on one of the store's lowest shelves.  What on earth could this be?

Turns out (thank you, Google) that Super Best Friends Forever are animated shorts on Cartoon Network, which criminally never got turned into a full-length show.  For shame, Cartoon Network.  For shame.  For this is pretty awesome.

Anyway, I picked the box up to investigate, and what I found was this:

All three, one box, fifty-five bucks (before tax).  I presented my discovery to Kayla.

"Oh my God."


"Those are awesome."

"Waaant 'em?"


"Want 'em more than Will Graham?"


"Wanna' put Will back and go halfers with me on 'em?"


And now they're in our kitchen.

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