Monday, March 30, 2015

The Alter Selvaria Bles 1/7 Valkyria Version.

Whenever I see a copy of Valkyria Chronicles for a decent price in a store, I buy it. It could be tomorrow - walk me through a store with a $20 copy of Valkryia Chronicles, and I will buy it. I'm like Mel Gibson in that... one with Julia Roberts... I forget the name, but it's like a compulsion.

When Kayla and I were unpacking everything, I put my games library into alphabetical order, and discovered that compulsion has brought me up to seven copies of VC on PS3.

Ten days ago I had the sudden realization that I'm really, really happy to be able to collect ridiculous video game/anime figures from Japan, and really, really lucky to have a partner who accepts and actually encourages this (admittedly) strange behavior.  I told myself, then, that I would start saving up for Selvaria Bles, who has become my Figure Grail.

Like Momohime, like Gwendolyn, Alter's Selvaria Bles (Valkryia Version, not Swimsuit Version) is one of those figures I've seen around for years and never made a move on because I wasn't one of those figure collecting guys.  Well, I sure as hell am now.

So I told myself I would start saving up.  I did not save up.  I fired my credit card at and paid way too much.  Like, 300% of what folks on FigureGAF tell me is a good price, but Amazon deals in English and I was assured it was a new, unopened figure.

It wasn't new or unopened.

Someone had clearly gone through the entire thing - the box was torn where it opens on one side, taping throughout the internal shell had obviously been removed and re-taped, and none of the protective soft plastic was within.  I got seriously fleeced by this Amazon seller, and I encourage you not to believe Amazon seller "Fast japan ca" when they list something as new.

Now, that being said, she's arrived, and I now own the single figure I've wanted the longest.  Selvaria was released years before Gwen or Momo, and I've had my eye on her ever since.

Kayla describes her as "pretty fucking awesome," and I concur.  Oh!  Also, my Satsuki Nendo showed up today, so the Kill la Kill gang is all here!

...I think I'll go fiddle around with placement... get a better angle on Selvaria going.

Yeahhh figures.  RIP wallet.

[update] So I go to rate the Amazon seller at 2 stars and Amazon prompts me to get in touch with them before I do.  Pfft.  Fine. 

ANGRY CUSTOMER: This item is not new. The box had been opened (and damaged) prior to shipping. The plastic shell inside the box had clearly been opened. All the contents of the box are present, intact, and of fine quality, but I paid very handsomely for an item that was advertised as new, and that is not what I received.

This was unsealed. This was not new, as advertised.

Contact Thank you.
This time is sorry for the inconvenience to you.
Product might be long-term storage is a reason.
Would you reach a settlement in CDN $ 100 refund?
Please reply.


Contact Thank you.
This time is sorry for the inconvenience to you. I will refund CND $ 100.
Thank you for your understanding.



  1. I think that one was my first figure, alongside Momohime. It's a slippery slope, as you've found.

    1. A slippery slope, slick with countless dollar bills.

  2. Excellent figure. That one shelf alone is a wonderful assortment of plastic goodies.

    I had yet to experience the joy of playing Valkyria Chronicles, so I got it for PC the other day for about $6. I look forward to it. Your hype better be justified!

    1. I suspect it'll hold up pretty well, but keep in mind it's like 7 years old now.