Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well, that snowballed quickly.

It's another figures post.

Kayla's interest in Nendoroids has augmented my own.  Together, we form a swirling vortex of compulsive consumption that may blaze with too much intensity, and burn itself away.

It started with that Ryuko Matoi Nendo at last year's comic con.  After that, Mako, Link, Snake and Yoko followed within a few months.  A month ago, Kayla and I were at our local nerd store, and she bought a gothic lolita Nendo on impulse.

The seed I'd planted with her adorable, bikini-topped Yoko Littner had taken root, and blossomed.

I showed her AmiAmi and Mandarake - AmiAmi being the best place to pre-order figures, Mandarake being the best place to scrounge for them post-release, with lower risk of getting a bootleg for your troubles.

This is Yoshino from Date A Live! - whatever that is.  We have no idea.
We just know she's totes adorbs. 

This is a real transcript of an email conversation we had two weeks ago.
DAVID: Thirty-three forty for the Nendo with the green hoodie and bunny ears.  Went up for preorder this morning (plus shipping, and perhaps any fluctuations in the value of the Yen.)
Kayla had previously suggested green-hood-bunny-ear girl should be her birthday present - she's releasing in June.
KAYLA: Is it something you want to preorder?  If it is, can we do it on your credit card?  I'm about to max mine out pretty much with my car insurance. 
DAVID: Kayla, you speak as if I hadn't already ordered her (attaches screenshot of order confirmation from AmiAmi.)
She'll probably work out to like $70 after shipping and everything.

And after that... well it just kept rolling. After spending a full day browsing Nendos through various sources, she settled on Kotori Itsuka, who - it turns out (very random!) - to be from Date A Live II.

So she's been ordered - she comes out in July (again, $70).  I, for my part, settled down at my desktop to get a blog post writ last night and... ended up browsing Nendos.

Kayla and I approach figures very differently.  She never has any idea what properties her Nendos come from, and they're never from stuff that I'm familiar with  She came to figures through me, and her appreciation for figures is born form seeing mine, not having an intimate knowledge of the source material, but loving the figures anyway.  For her, a figure just needs to be striking, beautiful, and preferably adorable.

I only buy stuff as it relates to properties that I love - my fanatical love for all things Vanillaware drove my first figure purchases, and my affection for games (Link, Snake) and anime (Ryuko, Mako) saw me dip into Nendoroid territory.  These are often long-burning adorations, and...

Y'know which one I've wanted for the longest time?

The one in the middle is Imca, the hotshot ace/all-around-badass Darcsen warrior-woman from Valkyria Chronicles III, which was tragically never localized in the west.  ...I'd still pay $60 to get to play that thing on my Vita with a translation, if Sega's listening, by the way... (they're not).  She wears full armor, has her hair pulled back in some prudent ponytails, and wields a colossal machinegun with a giant blade on it.

She's an awesome character, and retains her spectacularness in Nendo form.

$40 with free shipping off Amazon... and apparently bootlegs don't exist of her, so it feels like a safe purchase.  Ordered.

This morning, I went to work.  Last night, Kayla seemed pretty jazzed at the discovery of the Darth Vader Nendo.  I had, thus far, resisted.

Yes, he comes with a tiny Death Star.

I'd gone so far as to turn a co-worker on to Nendos through the entire concept of a Darth Vader one.  I showed him one that I bought for Kayla, and his immediate reaction was "pretty cute.  I'd buy a Darth Vader one."

"They're like seventy bucks."

"For Adorable Darth Vader, I'd pay seventy bucks."

"Well, that just so happens to exist - here's a link to a site called AmiAmi..."

And today I was thinking about it on my break... and yeah, he's totally awesome.  And yeah, I'd feel like a bit of an idiot after he comes out and his price goes up to like three hundred... so yeah...
DAVID: (Forwards Kayla the order confirmation for Lil' Vader.)

Then, after work today, we went to a Japanese-pop store that we'd been in a few times.  We don't really love going in, because the lady who runs the store is... very... I don't wanna' say pushy, but I'll go with it.  She's a bit pushy and I bought the FLCL manga adaptation from her just to get her to stop bothering me the first time I was in the store.  Since then I've been a bit ballsier about shutting her down, but today when we walked in, they had a shit-ton of Nendos.

Comparatively speaking.  Our favorite nerd store only seems to carry between two and six different ones at a time, but she had around fifteen.  The problem being, half of them were ship girls.

Ship girls, you see, are... Well, okay, there's battleships, right?  But these battleships are girls.  Sort of.

One of the tamer examples.

Ship girls are from an anime called Kancolle. It's the weirdest goddamned harem concept you have ever heard of.  The admiral is surrounded by classic and modern-era Japanese warships that have been anthropomorphized into sexy girls, and they're all strapped with cannons and missile launchers, and in some cases have bows that shoot missiles or crossbows that launch fighter planes.  One of them is literally an aircraft carrier - except they're human-sized, I'm guessing so people can still fantasize about having sex with them.

I did not buy a shipgirl Nendo.

...but I thought about it.

No, I didn't bow to the pushy sales lady.  I remarked to Kayla that, if Pushy Sales Lady had a Satsuki Nendo, I woulda' paid her ninety-six-plus-tax prices for her - just to finish off my Kill la Kill set.  Collect 'em all, so to speak.

We went and picked up some house stuff from a house stuff store, and headed home.

On the way, I hopped on Amazon.

I looked up prices for the Satsuki Kiryuin Nendoroid.

I pulled the trigger.

This may have gotten out of hand.


  1. I should have stopped this when I had the chance.

    1. (On a side note, I have my Satsuki Nendo posed the same way. It was a little tricky the first time, but it looks great.)

    2. And he was ever known as Ramzeltron The Enabler. Legend has it his life force grew ever more powerful as it greedily consumed the distant, mournful wails of Chance's rapidly-thinning wallet, which in turn fueled his unnatural longevity, youthful vigor and (some say) otherworldly beauty.