Thursday, April 2, 2015

A quick Personal Note.

Dear Reader,

First off, thank you for stopping by.  I really appreciate it.  You have, through your custom, earned this Japanese-style smilie.


I learned this in FFXI with Japanese players back in the day. 

It has been a horrendous week.  Awesome figure gets aside, of course.  Speaking of figures, without her knowledge and quite in secret, I obtained the Cardcaptor Sakura Nendoroid, for Kayla.  It had become her figure-Grail, ever since we walked into our geek shop and she saw one that had been reserved for someone else. 

This is how we set her up.  Crazy card power, activate!

It showed up on Tuesday, but events of the past week ensured she wasn't opened until today - so feel free to let your darkest imagination run free with what on Earth could prevent Kayla and I from setting up a new Nendoroid.  We still draw breath, we still have each other and we have our home - and that's awesome, in and of itself - but we are physically and emotionally at our very limit.  

I shall, therefor, take a day or so to try to recoup.  To be a bit selfish and just take care of myself.  

...but not until I get the Games of April post writ.  

Goodnight, dear Reader. 

With love, 


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